Ajisen Ramen (Melbourne Central)

The Japan-based restaurant chain Ajisen Ramen can be found in a number of locations in Melbourne, including two restaurants in the CBD. It is basically a fast-food store, but there are still some reasonably good ramen options on the menu (give the gyoza a pass). With the exception of the Tan Tan ramen, most of the ramen we ordered used the original Tonkotsu soup base.

tan tan ramen

Tan Tan Ramen – served with spicy meat, vegetables & egg in tan tan base soup

Wendy ~ This ramen had a good soup base that wasn’t too salty. The spicy mince added another layer of flavor which differentiated it from more basic ramen.

paiku ramen

Paiku Ramen – served with tenderloin ribs, egg & vegetables

Ani ~ The pork meat was deliciously tender and the soup was very flavoursome. This is probably my favourite ramen on their menu.

tori katsu ramen

Tori Katsu Ramen – served with deep fried bread crumbed chicken, egg & vegetables

Tori katsu is one of the more recent aditions to their menu.

tofu ramen

Tofu Ramen – served with tofu, egg & vegetables

The tofu ramen had a lot of tofu and was actually really filling, despite having no meat.

Verdict: The ramen tastes pretty good, but there are better options in the city of you’re looking for good quality. Ajisen’s ramen has an average price of around $11-12.

Location: Shop GD 13, Melbourne Central (and a number of other places – their website is here)

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