At Mamasita, the higher-end tapas style dining means that some dishes will be expensive for the quantity that you get ($14 for four mini tortilla chips topped with pulled pork)… BUT the flavours are very good. You’ll want to keep ordering more despite the price. We probably wouldn’t come here for a casual lunch, but this is a great place for a special dinner. Mamasita is a popular restaurant, but you can avoid the long wait for a table by having an early dinner.

corn cobs

Elote callejero – ‘streetstyle’ chargrilled corn on the cob, queso, chipotle mayo & lime ($4.90 each)

This corn is so good! So good! Definitely a favourite. Hot, sweet corn, deliciously creamy mayo, cheese and a hint of spice. Simple but effective.

pulled pork corn chips

Tostadita de Carnitas – fried tortilla chips topped with pulled pork, pickled cucumber, pineapple, habanero onion coriander ($14)

We were expecting a pile of tortilla chips topped with pork, so we were disappointed when we saw the four mini chips. The presentation was very pretty though, and the combination of flavours was lovely. The balance between the saltiness of the meat, sweetness of the pineapple and tanginess of the pickled cucumber was spot-on. We could eat a whole platter of these.


Quesadilla de Chorizo – wheat tortillas filled with chorizo, potato, Mexican cheese, quesi fresco & jalapeño crema ($15)

These were tasty (chorizo+potato+cheese, basically fool-proof) and we definitely enjoyed them. However, the flavour wasn’t quite as exciting as the pulled pork tortilla chips.

veg and fish tacos

Taco de Poblano (veg) and Taco de Pescado (grilled fish), $6 each

At $6 these tacos are priced the same as the tacos at Paco’s Tacos, but these taste much better. Except for the vegetable one. We think perhaps something went wrong when they were making the taco de poblano, because it was simultaneously too salty, too spicy and bitter. The fish taco on the other hand was quite good; it had a pleasant combination of salsa, spices and chipotle mayo, and the fish didn’t have a strong fishy flavour.

pork and beef tacos

Taco de Puerco (pig’s cheek) and Taco de Lengua y Cachete (braised ox tongue and cheek), $6 each

These tacos were so good we had seconds. The taco de puerco had pigs cheek which was soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and tasted like pork belly. It went well with the crunchy apple and cabbage.  The braised ox tongue and cheek taco had lovely soft meat, pickled veg and ghost chilli mayo.

goat main dish

Mole rojo con cabra – red mole with braised goat, thyme, oregano & plantains ($24)

Aside from the veg taco, this was the only other dish we didn’t enjoy. The goat was a bit chewy. This ‘red mole’ sauce had cacao powder in it and it was a bit spicy. The unsweetened, spicy chocolate & goat meat flavour combination just didn’t work for us.

mamasita margarita

Mamasita Margarita – cocktail with herradura blanco, cointreau, agave & fresh lime, served on the rocks with a salt rim ($18.50)

This cocktail was refreshing, and at a fairly normal price for cocktails in the CBD.

salted caramel shake

Mexican salted caramel shake – cocktail with dulce de leche, milk, agave & amaranth toffee ($9)

This is essentially a fancy salted caramel milkshake, but it was a delicious way to satisfy sugar cravings.


Verdict: Six out of the eight food dishes were great and two were disappointing. Overall we were very happy with the food, but it’s worth reading some reviews and finding out which dishes are best before you visit, so you know you’re ordering the good stuff.

Location: 11 Collins St. Their website is here and you can see them on Facebook here.

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  1. The corn and pulled pork looks really good, and bet it tasted even better than what it looks like. YUM #getinmybelly 😀


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