Mexican fast food: Guzman y Gomez

Guzman y Gomez definitely can’t compare to a Mexican restaurant like Mamasita, which we reviewed in our last blog post. However, as far as Mexican fast-food chains go Guzman y Gomes is one of the better options. It avoids some of the mistakes of other fast-food chains, such as Mad Mex (runny cheese sauce on their nachos rather than real cheese) and Salsa’s (they use the rice/beans from their burritos in their tacos as well… what even is taco?). The prices at Guzman y Gomez are fairly standard for Mexican fast-food, including $10.90 burritos and $11.50 nachos.

pork chipotle burrito bowl

Pork chipotle burrito bowl

We bought these burrito bowls for just $5 each because of a special offer that was available back in March. Cheap, yay! However the original price is still pretty reasonable, considering that the bowls are a filling lunch option. All the burritos have rice, cheese, beans and salsa as a base, then you can pick a topping. We chose ‘pork chipotle’, which is spicy pulled pork , and the ‘farm fresh vegetables’ which are just capsicum, onion and mushroom. Normally guacamole costs extra, but the veg option includes guacamole for free!

vegetable burrito bowl

‘Farm fresh’ vegetables burrito bowl

Both of the bowls we tried had nice flavours, and were big enough to be satisfying but not heavy. They’re also much less messy to eat than wrapped burritos.

Verdict: Guzman y Gomez is a good choice for a quick and affordable Mexican food.

Location: We visited the store in the Emporium food court. GyG has a website and Facebook page.

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10 thoughts on “Mexican fast food: Guzman y Gomez

  1. Hmm… I do think I like Gomez more than Mad Mex, especially the cheese! Not fond of liquid cheese, which I suspect is not actually cheese but a mix of chemicals and flavours… Or just melted plastic cheese? Gomez on mild was hot! And so I prefer Mad Mex (without the cheese) especially as I like to buy dinner before work and when saving it for later I prefer Mex’s plastic containers, not green but the food won’t absorb into the cardboard.

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    • You’re right, there are pros and cons to both. I hadn’t thought about the cardboard vs plastic containers since I always eat the food straight away, but plastic does seem a lot better in your situation.


  2. First reaction….:o Ooooooh! Haha. These remind me of Chipotle Mexican Grill in America!! I love me some guacamole 🙂


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