**Update: this blog is no longer actively posting new reviews. For new content, please follow Wendy’s Instagram.**

Hey there! This is a food blog which was run by two university students (now graduates) who spent their free time exploring Melbourne’s eateries. On this blog you can find out all about our food adventures, through plenty of photos and reviews.

About us:

Two friends from Melbourne, Australia, named Wendy and Ani. We’re both chemical engineering majors. Born to eat. We always believe there’s room for dessert and never think it’s a bad day for ice cream.

Wendy ~

I was fortunate enough to meet Ani at uni in the most unexpected subject of Ancient Greek. I did a double-take when I found out she was doing the exact same major as me, because I couldn’t remember seeing her in any of our classes. I was even more surprised that we both shared the same enthusiasm for good food and dessert, and an excitement for all things cute! After visiting lots of interesting food places together, I decided it was time for us to start recording our food adventures in a blog; this way we can revisit the memories whenever we want to, and also share them with other foodies. 🙂

Ani ~

I’m a chocoholic and have always had a weakness for sweets, prioritising dessert over every other meal. I also love Italian food and would eat lasagne every day if I could. When I befriended Wendy and found out that she has a sweet tooth to match my own, we started to explore Melbourne’s eateries together. In between study sessions at uni we have a habit of browsing the internet for food porn and new restaurants to visit. When Wendy suggested that we start a blog to document our food experiences, I saw it as the perfect excuse to eat more food  way to share our experiences with with fellow food lovers in Melbourne.

Hope you all enjoy the blog! 😀

view my food journey on zomato!

melbourne and sweets

Eating Melbourne – delicious sweets from Melbourne’s CBD

20 thoughts on “About

    • No worries, thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂 it’s always nice to meet more fellow chocaholics. Yes, uni is a good because (among other things) it gives us a few years of freedom before the full time work starts. I’ll enjoy it while I still can 🙂



    • Thanks for following mine too! I first looked at your blog because of the food posts, but what really struck me was your About page. Your fighting spirit reminded me of a good friend of mine. Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer in the end, but I’m glad you have been winning yours.
      Best wishes,


  1. I’m planning to go to Australia next year (pretty sure I’ll be dropping by Melbourne too) so I’m incredibly happy to stumble on your blog. I love that you included prices as well. 😀


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