Ajisen Ramen (Melbourne Central)

The Japan-based restaurant chain Ajisen Ramen can be found in a number of locations in Melbourne, including two restaurants in the CBD. It is basically a fast-food store, but there are still some reasonably good ramen options on the menu (give the gyoza a pass). With the exception of the Tan Tan ramen, most of the ramen we ordered used the original Tonkotsu soup base.

tan tan ramen

Tan Tan Ramen – served with spicy meat, vegetables & egg in tan tan base soup

Wendy ~ This ramen had a good soup base that wasn’t too salty. The spicy mince added another layer of flavor which differentiated it from more basic ramen.

paiku ramen

Paiku Ramen – served with tenderloin ribs, egg & vegetables

Ani ~ The pork meat was deliciously tender Continue reading


Madame Squint – rice burgers and bao burgers

Today we had lunch at Madame Squint, where you can get rice burgers (sushi burgers), Chinese burgers (bao burgers) as well as Asian salads and noodle soups. Rice burgers are a nice idea if you want to eat normal rice dishes with your hands, but we found that things can get pretty messy and you may be better off using some utensils anyway. The same goes for the bao burgers.

rice burger eating instructions

Each table has these cute instructions for eating the rice burgers. We had to unwrap the burgers for the photos, but we did wrap them back up before we started eating!

soft shell crab rice burger

Soft shell crab rice burger with spicy mayo $7.75

Wendy ~ To be honest I thought that the taste of the rice burger was no different to a normal rice dish, except that it required no utensils and became very messy for me to eat. Continue reading