Le Petit Gâteau

Le Petit Gâteau is a small pâtisserie that is mostly visited for its delicious cakes, though it does offer a small selection of pastries and savoury items as well. Since the seating area is very small it can be hard to get a table during the busier hours, but they have cute little takeaway boxes which make it easy to take the cakes home intact. The small cakes are priced at $9.30.

little cakes

apricot cake

Special limited edition apricot cake $9.3

Wendy ~ The lovely bright orange colour of this special edition cake stood out to me over the browns of the chocolate cakes beside it in the cabinet. After hearing that it incorporated apricot, pistachio and white chocolate, I knew I had to try it! The apricot flavour in the jam was light and refreshing while the white chocolate mousse added a creaminess and the crispy pistachio base balanced everything out. It wasn’t heavy at all, and the overall appearance was lovely. I need to find out if I can get my hands on a full sized one!

monsieur green tea cake

Monsieur Green Tea – black sesame sable base, green tea mousse, raspberry crémeux insert & raspberry jam on top $9.3

Ani ~ This cake was a bit smaller than the others, but at the same price. Most of the cake was just green tea mousse, which was soft and creamy and had a delicate flavour. The raspberry elements were quite small and the raspberry flavour didn’t stand out much, but it helped to break up what would otherwise be a constant green tea flavour. Overall it was nice cake that would please green tea fans.

hazelnut mille feuille cake

Hazelnut Mille Feuille – dacquiose base, crushed hazelnuts, milk choc ganache, tempered choc & milk choc Chantilly cream $9.3

Ani ~ This was definitely my favourite out of the cakes I tried. The flavour of it was somewhere in between a Bueno and a Ferrero Rocher. It had the perfect balance between chocolate and hazelnut, with a really pleasant combination of soft, creamy and crunchy layers. Definitely recommended!

cosmopolitan cake

Cosmopolitan – carrot cake, white chocolate cheesecake and raspberry jam $9.3

Ani ~ The white chocolate cheesecake layer was sweet, but it was balanced out by the carrot cake and the tartness of the raspberry jam. This cake was well made and tasted fine, but it didn’t wow me as much as the others. It’s definitely worth a try though if you like carrot cake and cheesecake.

large hazelnut mille feuille

Large sized Hazelnut Mille Feuille cake ($50.50 for ~10 servings)

Ani ~ Le Petit Gâteau has a standard selection of cakes that they make in medium or large sizes. Some of these are available in store for you to buy straight away, but you can also order one in advance to make sure that the cake you want is available. I wanted to order a large Hazelnut Mille Feuille cake and although this isn’t one of their standard large size cakes, they were happy to make one for me since I gave them a few days notice. Very happy with the result!

Verdict: We really enjoyed these cakes and look forward to trying the rest.

Location: 458 Little Collins St. Their website is here and Facebook page here. Open 7:30am-5pm weekdays.

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14 thoughts on “Le Petit Gâteau

    • Yeah a lot of the higher end cake places are priced at around $9/slice. 😦 But I’ve seen chain stores/foodcourt cafes charge $7+ per slice, so I feel like it’s getting more expensive everywhere. However most family-run style bakeries still charge ~$5, especially outside the CBD.


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