Adventures around Smith Street: South of Johnston, Pop Up Scroll and Gelato Messina

**Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been sick with the flu and it just wouldn’t go away… this is one stubborn flu! But I’m getting better now so you can expect a few catch up posts this week. 🙂 Ani**

South of Johnston

We were very excited to visit South of Johnston because there were lots of things on the menu that we wanted to try. We ended up getting a pumpkin omelette and the burger of the week (pulled pork), but we look forward to going back to try the French toast, corn fritters and chorizo baked eggs!

iced chai

Soy iced chai

Wendy ~ I was happy about the strong tea flavour in this iced chai, which meant it had been brewed with chai tea rather than artificial chai latte powder. The soy milk of course wasn’t as creamy as normal milk, but the scoop of ice cream helped to make up for this and to sweeten the drink.


Short Macchiato

Ani ~ This macchiato had a bit more milk than some others I’ve had, so the espresso flavour was a bit more diluted. However, the flavour of the coffee was good.

pulled pork burger

SOJO burger of the week: Pulled pork with avocado and apple slaw, $13.90

Wendy ~ The burger of the week was pulled pork with avocado and apple slaw*. The serving size was very generous and it had a simple, rustic look to it.

Once I tucked in, the burger was absolutely amazing. The flavours of the savoury pork and the contrasting sweet apple slaw complimented each other perfectly, while the soft and crunchy textures also tied together really well to make it an awesome burger.

*This was “burger of the week” a few weeks ago, but it now appears to be a permanent addition to the new Autumn Menu!

roasted pumpkin omelette

Omelette filled with roasted pumpkin, sage, baby spinach, goat’s cheese and pine nuts on sourdough toast with a side of tomato relish, $18.90

Ani ~ This was a large serving and very filling. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the omelette, however I wasn’t too fond of the goats cheese… it had a strong goat aroma that I found a bit overpowering, compared to the mildness of the other ingredients. I know it seems weird to criticize goats cheese for being “goaty” but the flavour was a bit too pungent for me, so I ended up taking it out of the omelette. The rest of the omelette was good; well cooked eggs, fresh tasting pumpkin and spinach and a very tasty tomato relish.


Verdict: Good first impression, we’d love to come back to try more of their food.

Location: 46 Oxford Street, Collingwood. Their website is here, and Facebook here.

South of Johnston on Urbanspoon


Pop Up Scroll

After brunch we went to Pop Up Scroll, which Wendy had really been looking forward to. We each bought a “cruffin” (croissant muffin) because we just cant resist a cute food hybrid. Luckily Pop Up Scroll lived up to the hype; both of our cruffins were delicious. They’re essentially just filled croissants shaped like muffins, so if you love croissants then you should definitely try these. If you’re looking for a muffin, go to a muffin store.


Left: vanilla custard cruffin with dulce de leche. Right: Raspberry & rhubarb cruffin with white chocolate. ($5 each)

Wendy ~ I decided on the cruffin with a vanilla custard/cream filling and dulce de leche on top. It had an amazing buttery and flaky casing that should be in every pastry, while the custard/cream filling was very light and fresh; not heavy at all! It was finished off with a good caramel to add the extra sweetness.

Ani ~ I picked the raspberry and rhubarb cruffin because I love raspberries. The cruffin had a tart rhubarb filling as well as a creamy custard which helped to break through the tartness. The raspberry flavour was not very evident in the filling. The pastry was deliciously soft, but my favourite part was the white chocolate icing on top.

pop up scroll shop and box

Verdict: Great cruffins. This is a nice idea if you want a dessert that isn’t too heavy.

Location: 86 Smith St, Collingwood. Website is here, Facebook page here.

Pop Up Scroll on Urbanspoon


Gelato Messina

Since we were in the area, we couldn’t leave without getting gelato from Gelato Messina. We were pretty full at this point, so we decided to share just one scoop of the apple pie gelato. We don’t recommend sharing if you’re not full – you’ll want to eat it all yourself.

apple pie gelato

Apple pie gelato: real apple gelato with house made apple pie throughout ($4 scoop)

The apple and cinnamon flavours were strong enough to give the gelato a great taste, but it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. It tasted much like a cold, smooth and creamy version of an apple pie or apple scroll. We enjoyed this flavour because it was refreshing and fruity.

Verdict: We still think Messina is great. See our other review here.

Location: 237 Smith St, Fitzroy. Their website is here.

Gelato Messina Fitzroy on Urbanspoon

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