Mexican fast food: Guzman y Gomez

Guzman y Gomez definitely can’t compare to a Mexican restaurant like Mamasita, which we reviewed in our last blog post. However, as far as Mexican fast-food chains go Guzman y Gomes is one of the better options. It avoids some of the mistakes of other fast-food chains, such as Mad Mex (runny cheese sauce on their nachos rather than real cheese) and Salsa’s (they use the rice/beans from their burritos in their tacos as well… what even is taco?). The prices at Guzman y Gomez are fairly standard for Mexican fast-food, including $10.90 burritos and $11.50 nachos.

pork chipotle burrito bowl

Pork chipotle burrito bowl

We bought these burrito bowls for just $5 each because of a special offer that was available back in March. Cheap, yay! However the original price is still pretty reasonable, considering that the bowls are a filling lunch option. All the burritos have rice, cheese, beans and salsa as a base, then you can pick a topping. Continue reading



At Mamasita, the higher-end tapas style dining means that some dishes will be expensive for the quantity that you get ($14 for four mini tortilla chips topped with pulled pork)… BUT the flavours are very good. You’ll want to keep ordering more despite the price. We probably wouldn’t come here for a casual lunch, but this is a great place for a special dinner. Mamasita is a popular restaurant, but you can avoid the long wait for a table by having an early dinner.

corn cobs

Elote callejero – ‘streetstyle’ chargrilled corn on the cob, queso, chipotle mayo & lime ($4.90 each)

This corn is so good! So good! Definitely a favourite. Hot, sweet corn, deliciously creamy mayo, cheese and a hint of spice. Simple but effective.

pulled pork corn chips

Tostadita de Carnitas – fried tortilla chips topped with pulled pork, pickled cucumber, pineapple, habanero onion coriander ($14)

We were expecting a pile of tortilla chips topped with pork, so we were disappointed when we saw the four mini chips. The presentation was very pretty though, and the combination of flavours was lovely. The balance between the saltiness of the meat, sweetness of the pineapple and tanginess of the pickled cucumber was spot-on. We could eat a whole platter of these.

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Adventures around Smith Street: South of Johnston, Pop Up Scroll and Gelato Messina

**Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been sick with the flu and it just wouldn’t go away… this is one stubborn flu! But I’m getting better now so you can expect a few catch up posts this week. 🙂 Ani**

South of Johnston

We were very excited to visit South of Johnston because there were lots of things on the menu that we wanted to try. We ended up getting a pumpkin omelette and the burger of the week (pulled pork), but we look forward to going back to try the French toast, corn fritters and chorizo baked eggs!

iced chai

Soy iced chai

Wendy ~ I was happy about the strong tea flavour in this iced chai, which meant it had been brewed with chai tea rather than artificial chai latte powder. The soy milk of course wasn’t as creamy as normal milk, but the scoop of ice cream helped to make up for this and to sweeten the drink. Continue reading


Sandwiches at Bowery to Williamsburg

Sometimes, all you want for lunch is a really good sandwich. Enter: Bowery to Williamsburg, an American sandwich café tucked away in one of the laneways near Flinders Street. The sandwiches at this café are a bit pricey at $13, but they look and taste a lot better than the ordinary ham & cheese sandwich that you made for lunch this morning. Unless you’re a morning person who wakes up early every day to prepare a fancy gourmet sandwich for lunch. If this is the case, please make some for us too.

cuban pork sandwich

Lechon Adado sandwich – Cuban braised pork, yellow mustard slaw & pickled zucchini in a brioche bun

As you can see, this sandwich is practically a burger. All of the flavours were delicious, from the spices in the pork to the tangy freshness of the mustard slaw. The brioche bun was nice and soft. The only let-down was that the pulled pork was a bit on the dry side, probably due to re-heating.

fish sandwich Continue reading


Tacos and Nachos at Paco’s Tacos

Enticed by the promise of $6 tacos, we found ourselves having lunch at Paco’s Tacos on Bourke Street, a restaurant created by the MoVida group. This little Mexican eatery has six different tacos on the menu, as well as a handful of other options. The garden-style outdoor sitting area has brightly coloured decor, and a net of leaves overhead shields patrons from the view of skyscrapers, leading to a relaxed vibe.

pacos tacos

Initially the three of us ordered five different tacos to share, but this turned out not to be enough food for us, so we ended up sharing a regular bowl of nachos as well. Continue reading