Choc drinks at Cacao Lab and lunch at +39 Pizzeria

Cacao Lab

Cacao Lab is one of the cafés owned by Cacao Fine Chocolates and Patisserie. They have many cute éclairs, cakes, macarons and chocolates but we were most interested in trying their de-constructed iced chocolates. They’re served divided into three separate beakers, and then you mix them together… kind of like the lab experiments we do for our chem eng subjects, except more edible 😛


iced choc salted caramel

Iced Chocolate – salted caramel (~$9)

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Seven Seeds – Brunch near Unimelb

With limited time to grab brunch before class, we found ourselves visiting Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee near Unimelb. When we arrived just after noon the place was packed, so we had to wait about 10 minutes or so for a table. Not a problem, we just grabbed a menu and started deciding what to order! It always takes us ages to order, no matter where we go, because we see all the options on the menu and think… “I want to eat ALL the things!” First world problems.

hot choc and chai

Chai latte ($4) and Mörk hot chocolate served with a piece of Whittaker’s chocolate ($4.50)

Obviously it makes sense to go to “Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee” and order a coffee, but you’ve probably noticed we’re not big coffee drinkers by the large amount of chai lattes and hot chocolates we drink. Continue reading


Sweets and a scone at Alice Nivens bakery

Yesterday we visited the Alice Nivens bakery in the Port Phillip Arcade on Flinders Street. It is situated towards the back of the arcade and has a “sweets” sign hanging out front. It’s a cute little shop with only a few tables, and the desserts are very pretty and delicious.

alice nivens - display 3

They have a display cabinet with a selection of slices, brownies, cupcakes, cake slices, scones, and a couple of savoury items. There is also a breakfast menu and a lunch menu with toasted sandwiches.

Chocolate & rose cupcake

Chocolate & rose cupcake

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Stovetop (part 2: poached eggs) and gelato at Helados Jauja


After our visit to Stovetop last week we couldn’t wait to come back to try more things on their menu. This time we ordered three different poached egg dishes: the sweet potato & amaranth hash, the wild mushroom ragout and the citrus cured salmon. Overall, the food wasn’t quite as tasty as what we ordered last week… but it was still made with quality ingredients and was beautifully presented on the plate.


Cappuccino ($3.70)

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate ($4)

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Lunch last week at Animal Orchestra

Last week we went to Animal Orchestra on Grattan Street. When we arrived around 1pm the place was packed, but they managed to squeeze us onto a table with some other customers. We’ve been there before, and I remembered that they make really bad chai lattes, but this didn’t stop Wendy from ordering one anyway. Sure enough it was really watery and grainy at the bottom… 2/10 at best. Luckily the other things we ordered (hot chocolate and baked eggs) tasted much better.

The chai latte. Not good.

The chai latte. Not good.

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