A Favourite: Little Cupcakes

For Ani’s birthday (a few weeks ago), we ordered 100 mini cupcakes from the Little Cupcakes Store in Degraves Street. Little Cupcakes has both normal and mini sized cupcakes in a variety of flavours, and they also have vegan and gluten free options. They’re not cheap at $2.50 each, but when you buy a dozen cupcakes the price is reduced to $2.20/cupcake and when you order 100 cupcakes the price becomes $2 each.

In our opinion, birthday cupcakes are even better than a birthday cake because: a) they’re cuter, b) they’re more practical and c) you can get an assortment of flavours to please everyone! BUT cupcakes are more expensive. So if it’s not a big milestone birthday (like a 21st in this case), it’s best to just stick to a normal cake… or you can bake them yourself if you have the time! 🙂

plate of assorted mini cupcakes

Assorted mini cupcakes. From left, clockwise: blueberry pistachio, oreo cookies & cream, raspberry white chocolate, Belgian chocolate, and salted caramel

We came to the store one morning and tried a few different flavours before deciding which ones to include in the special order. The salted caramel and Belgian chocolate flavours both had a chocolate cupcake base. They were a bit too rich, so while the chocolate flavour was good we ended up leaving them out of the final order. The oreo cookies & cream and the raspberry white choc were both much lighter and still very tasty, so they were clear winners. The blueberry pistachio wasn’t quite as exciting as the others, but it was vegan so we included it in the order too.

Instead of the chocolate based cupcakes we ended up getting the ‘dark horse’ espresso cupcake, which was yummy and had the added bonus of being gluten free. And most importantly, we also ordered some red velvet cupcakes. Because that is the best flavour. ❤

red velvet and oreo cookies n cream cupcakes

Mini red velvet and oreo cookies & cream cupcakes

Best flavour! The cream cheese frosting on these red velvet cupcakes was delicious! ❤

raspberry white choc cupcakes

Mini raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes

These cupcakes are just like raspberry white chocolate muffins, in cupcake form.

dark horse espresso cupcake

Dark horse espresso mini cupcakes (GF)

These espresso cupcakes tasted like tiramisu in cupcake form! The only downside was all that loose cacao powder on top… if you ‘inhaled’ the cupcake you would literally inhale the powder :S

tim tam cupcake

Tim Tam mini cupcake

Tim Tam is a great flavour too. Unfortunately this photo is from last year, and we totally forgot about the Tim Tam cupcake when we placed the order! So no Tim Tam cupcakes at the birthday.

blueberry pistachio cupcakes

Blueberry pistachio mini cupcakes (GF) (V)

This flavour was nice; pleasant but not as exciting as the others. As far as vegan cupcakes go, it was decent.

chai latte

Chai latte

The store normally has a drink + cupcake deal on their specials board and the size of the drinks are pretty decent, as you can see in the picture. We wouldn’t come here just for the chai, but it’s a pleasant accompaniment to a cupcake if you decide to eat in rather than takeaway.

Verdict: These are some of our favourite cupcakes in Melbourne. Get the red velvet.

Location: Shop 7, Degraves St (and there are also stores on William St and Queen St). They have a website, Facebook page and Instagram @littlecupcakesmelb.

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16 thoughts on “A Favourite: Little Cupcakes

  1. Agreed! I like birthday cupcakes better but birthday cakes are cute too. But if it’s an ice cream birthday cake, then I’m in! Cupcakes looks divine. Even though I’m not a vegan or gluten free person, it’s great to see places like these have those options for those who are vegan or gluten free. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg yes, ice cream cake! ❤ We're not vegan/GF either, but with big parties there always tends to be a few people with dietary requirements. So you're right, it was nice to have those options available 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yum! We had them cater our cupcake needs a few years ago for a party. While I prefer the taste of cupcakes for birthdays I love those fancy novelty cakes shaped like castles, Barbies and the likes – even though they aren’t as good as cupcakes. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s true, fancy cakes look much more impressive! I guess it all depends on whether the appearance or taste matters more. But fancy cakes can taste good too… on the inside, once you get through all the decorative icing 😛


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