Chez Dré – brunch and cakes

Ahh Chez Dre. Such beautiful and delicious cakes. It really is worth taking a quick trip to South Melbourne just to get one of their cute petits gateaux, and their macarons are decent (though they are a bit pricey at $3 each). Unfortunately our brunch experience was a bit disappointing… the waitress forgot to put our orders through, so we ended up waiting 40 minutes for our food. She later apologised and gave us a free macaron each, which we really appreciated. However we think that maybe Chez Dre needs more staff for those really busy mornings, to avoid these kinds of mistakes. On the day we visited, they were so full that there was a whole waiting list of customers who wanted tables.


Rose-raspberry and green tea-kalamanzi macarons ($3 each)

The complimentary macarons both had really nice flavours. The green tea one had a good soft texture, but the raspberry was a bit hard and chewy. They looked quite big, but the shells had big air bubbles inside them.


Ratatouille with baked eggs, quinoa dukkah, toasted baguette and pepe saya butter (weekly special, $18.50)

Wendy ~ I expected the ratatouille to be like other baked egg dishes where the egg is baked into the tomato. When it finally arrived, I thought it wasn’t baked eggs at all Continue reading


Brunch at Stovetop: Part 1

Our visit to Stovetop yesterday involved freshly brewed chai lattes, baked duck egg and semolina gnocchi in a tomato sauce. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was warm and we received friendly service. We enjoyed our brunch at Stovetop, so much so that we’ve decided we need to go back next week for more! Hence this review will be part 1 of 2 instalments.

First to arrive were the chai lattes:

Freshly brewed chai tea in milk ($4)

Freshly brewed chai tea in milk ($4)

They arrived in cute little pots with honey on the side for added sweetness. They tasted great, especially after the subpar chai latte from Animal Orchestra last week!

We did not have to wait very long for the food despite the place being relatively busy, which is something we really appreciate. When the food arrived looked and smelled enticing. Continue reading


Lunch last week at Animal Orchestra

Last week we went to Animal Orchestra on Grattan Street. When we arrived around 1pm the place was packed, but they managed to squeeze us onto a table with some other customers. We’ve been there before, and I remembered that they make really bad chai lattes, but this didn’t stop Wendy from ordering one anyway. Sure enough it was really watery and grainy at the bottom… 2/10 at best. Luckily the other things we ordered (hot chocolate and baked eggs) tasted much better.

The chai latte. Not good.

The chai latte. Not good.

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