Ajisen Ramen (Melbourne Central)

The Japan-based restaurant chain Ajisen Ramen can be found in a number of locations in Melbourne, including two restaurants in the CBD. It is basically a fast-food store, but there are still some reasonably good ramen options on the menu (give the gyoza a pass). With the exception of the Tan Tan ramen, most of the ramen we ordered used the original Tonkotsu soup base.

tan tan ramen

Tan Tan Ramen – served with spicy meat, vegetables & egg in tan tan base soup

Wendy ~ This ramen had a good soup base that wasn’t too salty. The spicy mince added another layer of flavor which differentiated it from more basic ramen.

paiku ramen

Paiku Ramen – served with tenderloin ribs, egg & vegetables

Ani ~ The pork meat was deliciously tender Continue reading


Chokolait (Emporium store)

Long time fans of Chokolait would have frequented the original store when it was known as “The Chokolait Hub” and was managed by both Ross and his wife. The business has now expanded to a second store in Emporium, but both stores are still run by the original owners, which means that Chokolait hasn’t lost it’s friendly vibe.

Chokolait has amazing hot chocolates – arguably some of the best hot chocolates in Melbourne – so it’s easy to forget that there are many other options on their menu. During our last visit to Chokolait we used a voucher for a tasting plate, so we had the opportunity to try a few of their desserts and iced drinks.

tasting plate

Chokolait Tasting Plate for Two

Our Groupon voucher included the tasting plate and drinks for two, plus a gift box of nine chocolate truffles, for $29. We ordered two extra drinks and shared the tasting plate between four, which worked well because we were all still full from lunch.

chocolate mousse

Chokolait mousse with double cream and a cherry

The mousse Continue reading



One of the great things about having lunch with friends (other than having the pleasure of their company) is that you can order more food… try more dishes… and take more photos! A group of five of us visited Wonderbao, and between us we ended up trying almost all of the bao on their menu. The bao were small and relatively cheap which meant that we each got to try a few different flavours, and in the end we all left feeling satisfied.

pork belly and veggie bao

Braised pork belly gua bao ($4.20) and choi bao (V) ($2.20)

The pork belly was nice and tender, and worked well with the flavours of mustard, coriander and peanut. The choi bao had a good combination of shiitake mushroom, tofu and veggies.

fried tofu bao

Fried silky tofu gua bao (V) ($4.2)

The bao bun had a soft texture, and there was a good ratio between the bao and the tofu filling. Continue reading


Rocket and 2Pocket: burgers & fries … coffee & chai

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last blog post. For most of the past week, one of us was down at the beach ‘enjoying’ the cold wind and random bouts of rain (the weather was not cooperating). So in the next few posts we will catch you up on all the places we visited before the rainy beach week.

Rocket Burger and Fries

Like with Lindt Cafe, we came to Rocket to take advantage of an online voucher, because what student doesn’t like vouchers? The voucher was a Scoopon for any burger + soft drink or water for $6, which we think was a pretty good deal. We also took the opportunity to try the fries because we wanted to know how they compare with other places (i.e. Lord of the Fries).

beef burger

‘The Big-Bang’ Burger – beef, cheese, bacon, onion, pineapple, pickles, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, mayo, ketchup and mustard ($10)

Wendy ~ This was the first burger I’d had in a while. I was a bit hesitant to order it because I was worried that it would be overly greasy, but it wasn’t like that at all. Continue reading