Chokolait (Emporium store)

Long time fans of Chokolait would have frequented the original store when it was known as “The Chokolait Hub” and was managed by both Ross and his wife. The business has now expanded to a second store in Emporium, but both stores are still run by the original owners, which means that Chokolait hasn’t lost it’s friendly vibe.

Chokolait has amazing hot chocolates – arguably some of the best hot chocolates in Melbourne – so it’s easy to forget that there are many other options on their menu. During our last visit to Chokolait we used a voucher for a tasting plate, so we had the opportunity to try a few of their desserts and iced drinks.

tasting plate

Chokolait Tasting Plate for Two

Our Groupon voucher included the tasting plate and drinks for two, plus a gift box of nine chocolate truffles, for $29. We ordered two extra drinks and shared the tasting plate between four, which worked well because we were all still full from lunch.

chocolate mousse

Chokolait mousse with double cream and a cherry

The mousse had a good strong chocolate flavour and it wasn’t too sweet, but its creaminess and the double cream on top made it a bit heavy. We loved the fact that it was served in an edible dark chocolate cup.

mud cake

Warm Chokolait Mud Cake drizzled with chocolate

The cake was very rich and moist. It was almost as dense as a fudge brownie, but a lot softer. It was easier to eat the cake with the vanilla ice cream, because the sweetness of the ice cream softened the dark chocolate flavour.

ice cream

Vanilla ice cream with a milk chocolate frog

The vanilla ice cream tasted homemade because it had a better texture and vanilla flavour than supermarket vanilla ice cream.

iced chokolait

Iced drinks including three Milk Iced Chokolaits

The iced chocolates seemed to have some ice blended in them, rather than only the chocolate/milk/ice cream combination that’s in the menu. They still had a nice flavour but were less chocolatey than Chokolait’s hot chocolates. We did enjoy the iced chocolates, but the hot chocolates are definitely better.

iced strawberry drink

Strawberry Iced Fresh Fruit Indulgence – a blend of fresh strawberries, milk and vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate

This iced fresh fruit drink (with banana or strawberry) was light and refreshing . It could be a good alternative to iced chocolate when you order one of the very rich, chocolatey desserts, to avoid OD-ing on chocolate.

While we were all satisfied with the desserts and drinks, none of us liked the individual chocolates on the tasting platter or in the gift box. With the exception of a couple of truffles which were filled with praline, all of the chocolates were filled with marzipan and liqueur flavours which were too strong and sweet. We would have preferred more praline chocolates or nut chocolates.

Verdict: Chokolait’s iced chocolates are enjoyable, but they are not as delicious as the hot chocolates. Most of the desserts are very rich, and are best shared between two (or more) people. The chocolate gift boxes are okay as long as you can choose the chocolates yourself, to avoid unwanted flavours.

Location: Emporium Melbourne, Level 3. The other store is located in the Hub Arcade (near the Royal Arcade). Their website is here.

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11 thoughts on “Chokolait (Emporium store)

    • Same here, but luckily these drinks didnt have too much ice blended into them, so they didn’t have the texture of ice slushies. Haha it’s very tempting to eat all of the dessert on your own… until you start feeling sick from the richness 😛


    • Funnily, I find the opposite of what you’re saying about Chokolait’s cold vs. hot chocolates true for Lindt chocolate drinks – I prefer the cold ones over their hot chocolates. Even though they have some ice blended in them. But their hot chocolates taste different & less good to me so I drink the cold ones even in winter & here in Japan, that means it’s actually cold.

      I usually have 4 cakes or similar as my main meal. If that makes me feel unwell I automatically mark that place as using too much sugar, although that doesn’t necessarily mean per se it’s bad. English speaking countries generally put more sugar in their pastries & desserts than say, France but I know there are a lot of places in Oz aspiring to the French ideal, not sure into which category Chokolait would fall

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think Lindt hot chocolates taste a bit too sweet and syrupy. Not sure if they are the same in Japan, but if they are then I can understand why you prefer the cold drinks.
      Chokolait uses Belgian chocolate, but I would say the desserts are more English style because they seem to use a lot of sugar. Definitely not somewhere where you’d want to eat 4 cakes, but melbourne does have some good French cake bakeries.


    • Yeah, I don’t know if they’re the same either but what you’re saying suggests they might be!
      Belgian chocolate is not a quality hallmark per se. All that chocolate labeled “Belgian chocolate” is produced only for sales outside of Belgium & often it’s not good quality.
      Thanks for your opinion on Chokolait’s desserts!

      Liked by 1 person

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