More of North Melbourne: Brunch at Twenty & Six Espresso, then cake at Beatrix

Twenty & Six Espresso

20&6 decor

We visited this cafe in North Melbourne on Tuesday around lunch time. It seemed quiet because we had the front seating area all to ourselves, but this was because most of the customers had chosen to sit at the back. Twenty & Six’s menu is updated seasonally, and we were presented with the new Spring menu.


Smoothie special with banana, passionfruit and more ($7)

Ani: This was a fresh tasting smoothie; it was not overly sweet and had a smooth texture, with a strong banana flavour. It was served in a cute mason jar with ice blocks.

french toast

French toast – Spring menu version ($16)

Ani: THIS FRENCH TOAST OMG SO GOOOOD! *drools* …But seriously, if you like french toast you will love this one. It had a bread & butter pudding style base which was so soft, and topped with a delicious white chocolate ice cream, sweet strawberries, dollops of strawberry jelly, shards of caramel, sprinkled with a dried berry powder and garnished with mint leaves. More dessert than brunch. Try it, you won’t regret it.


Citrus cured salmon tartare ($19)

Wendy: All of the components in this dish were presented beautifully. The salmon had a very good flavour which was complimented by the herbs, and the sauce brought the flavour to a whole new level. The poached egg didn’t fit in 100% but it gave the dish a nice brunch feel to it. Finishing it off was a couple of slices of toasted sourdough which added some more texture to the dish. This dish definitely made me feel like Twenty & Six lives up to all the hype.


Duck rillette ($17)

Our friend had the duck dish, which she said had an interesting resemblance to tuna but still tasted really good. Make of that what you will. It was served with greens, brioche and poached egg.

Verdict: We left feeling impressed with the flavours and will definitely be back, especially since Ani wants to have the French toast again. This place is recommended.

Location: 594 Queensberry Street North Melbourne VIC. Their website is here. You can view their menu online but it has not yet been updated to show the new Spring menu (last checked 26-09).

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Since we were already in the area and can’t say no to dessert, we decided to stop by Beatrix for some cake and chai. This cute little cafe bakery has a selection of pretty layered cakes and tarts which all looked tempting, but we couldn’t go past the red velvet cake. The cake slice was generous in size and easily shared. The waitress was very friendly and helped us find somewhere to sit since it was quite busy.

red velvet cake

Red velvet cake with white chocolate icing ($8)

Ani: The cake had a nice fluffy texture, and the white chocolate frosting was a lot lighter than the cream cheese frosting we’re used to. I enjoyed the fact that this cake wasn’t heavy and would happily order it again, but it’s still no substitute for a classic red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.


Chai latte ($3.60)

Wendy: This chai latte was probably the most mild tasting out of all the loose leaf brewed blends that I’ve tasted, since it had not been sweetened much. But I’m not complaining; I enjoyed the more natural tasting flavour.

fruit tart

Tart ($3 on special)

Wendy ~ I thought that the tart was too big to finish off in one go so cut it in half. I loved the snapping sound it made when I cut through the torched sugar layer. Inside was a smooth and creamy, cinnamon infused custard that was divine. I never thought that creme brûlée could be presented in a tart and taste to marvellous!

Verdict: This is a really nice place for a coffee date or to satisfy your cake cravings. There are also some savoury options if you want to have lunch.

Location: 688 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. It’s on the corner so you can’t miss it.

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