Roule Galette crêperie – sweet and savoury

Route Galette’s menu include’s a selection of savoury buckwheat crêpes called ‘galettes’, as well as sweet crêpes. We were eager to try the food here because of the positive reviews on urbanspoon, combined with the fact that the prices are reasonable for a sit down crêperie (in the $7-15 range). The crêpes we ordered turned out to be quite large, but we felt like they needed a bit more filling in them to give them a better crêpe to filling ratio.

complète galette

. ‘Complète’ galette – egg, ham and Emmental cheese ($10)

Wendy ~ When the crêpe arrived, my first initial impression of it wasn’t good at all because it looked pretty ordinary. The taste of it pretty much matched the description: egg, ham and cheese. It was a ‘galette’ which meant that it was made from buckwheat, so it didn’t quite have the same texture as crêpes made from white flour. Overall it wasn’t a bad taste experience, just ordinary.

normande crepe

‘Normande’ crêpe – braised apple and cream ($10)

Ani ~ The Normande crêpe was aesthetically much more pleasing than the two galettes. It was a simple crêpe, with slices of braised apple, whipped cream from a can and a light dusting of icing sugar. I would have preferred it if there had been more braised apple, or maybe just more icing sugar, because I found the flavour to be a bit bland. Maybe I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it because I like my crêpes to be sweeter. If you don’t have a sweet tooth then you might enjoy this crêpe.

forestière galette

‘Forestière’ galette – béchamel, bacon, mushroom and Emmental cheese ($10)

Our friend ordered this crepe and enjoyed it, but found the creamy sauce a little lacking in flavour. Overall she was still mostly satisfied.

Verdict: We came here with high expectations because of all the good reviews, and left feeling slightly underwhelmed. The food here is worth a try, but there are better crêperies in Melbourne.

Location: Scott Alley, 241 Flinders Lane Melbourne. They are open every day (see their website for more info).

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