Port Fairy: Part 1

We visited Port Fairy on a weekend in the middle of the Winter, when it was too cold to go to the beach or hike through the nature parks. We did some sightseeing by car, but the rest of our time was spent eating. Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

Our favourite foods that we tried were the pizzas at Coffin Sally (see below), as well as the desserts at Clonmara Tearoom (Part 2 of this blogpost will be about the Tearoom). Brunch at The Farmers Wife was alright. The takeaway Thai curry from Lemon Grass was decent, but we didn’t get any photos of that because takeaway curry isn’t photogenic.

The Farmers Wife Harvest Cafe

Smaller towns don’t have the same competitive brunch scene that Melbourne has, so their options are more limited. While there are definitely better brunch places in Melbourne, The Farmers Wife was enjoyable enough. The brunch dishes were around the $16-19 mark which is pretty standard, but the sizes were not that big. The service was friendly.

bicycle sign pointing to cafeorange and poppyseed muffin

We ordered some muffins to start with, which were delicious. We probably enjoyed them more than the actual brunch food!

jam donut muffin

Muffins: ‘jam donut’ and ‘orange and poppyseed’

The jam donut muffin was served hot, and had the soft fluffy texture of a muffin with the flavours of a jam donut. It lasted about 2 seconds. The orange and poppyseed muffin was also quite good.

pork belly with mushroom omelette

Char siu pork belly on a mushroom omelette, served with choy sum, coriander and been shoot

The mushroom omelette was quite good, but the pork belly was just okay. The fresh greens gave this dish a healthier side to it, but made the quantity of food look like more than it actually was. It probably wouldn’t be filling enough if we hadn’t had muffins to start with.

braised beef cheek in brioche

Braised beef cheek and slaw in a brioche bun with pickled veg on the side

Similarly, this beef brioche bun could’ve been bigger as it was not really filling enough. The best part of the dish was the braised beef cheek; succulent pulled meat with lovely flavourings. The slaw was just plain slaw and the small amount of pickled veggies was just placed on the side. The pickled veggies really needed to be inside the burger to cut through the rich meat. The ‘brioche’ was very dry.


Handy tip: order tea or coffee, or bring bottled water. The tap water in Port Fairy tastes horrible!

Verdict: Worth a visit if you’re really craving brunch in Port Fairy, but not if you’re very hungry. The muffins are yummy.

Location: Down a laneway at 47 Sackville St, Port Fairy, VIC. Just look for the yellow bicycle.

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Coffin Sally

Coffin Sally is a gourmet pizza restaurant that offers both dine-in and takeaway. We ordered three pizzas to take-away between the two of us because that’s what holidays are for! The takeaway entrance area is very small, so you’ll have to wait somewhere else for your pizza to be made. We waited about 25 minutes, but it was definitely worth it for the delicious food that we got.

mushroom pizza

Mushroom (white) – mozzarella, wild mushrooms, pancetta, thyme, taleggio cheese, fresh parsley ($18)

This was our favourite pizza of the three, hands down. The main flavours of pancetta and mushroom were complimented by black pepper, the saltiness from the cheese and a garlicky flavour in the oil. The parsley tied it all together. If this pizza was available in Melbourne we would be eating it right now.

potato pizza

Potato pizza – napoli, mozzarella, potato, caramelised onion, rosemary, e.v. olive oil, S&P ($15)

Just look at that generous helping of caramelised onion! This pizza was a no-fuss potato and onion combination that was very tasty. The potato was nice and soft (nothing worse that a pizza with undercooked potato). The caramelised onion tasted as good as it looks. The parsley wasn’t on the list of ingredients but it worked really well as a contrasting flavour.

pumpkin pizza

Spinner pizza – napoli, mozzarella, spinach, roast pumpkin, fetta, pine nuts ($16)

This is your classic pumpkin/spinach/fetta/ pizza. The spinach tasted fresh, the roasted pumpkin was juicy, and there was a good amount of fetta and pine nuts. We definitely enjoyed this one as well, but it was probably the least exciting of the three pizzas just because it was more predictable.

Verdict: Yummy pizzas!! Mushroom pizza recommended.

Location: 33 Sackville St, Port Fairy, VIC. Their website is here.

You can also view Coffin Sally on Zomato.

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