Rocket and 2Pocket: burgers & fries … coffee & chai

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last blog post. For most of the past week, one of us was down at the beach ‘enjoying’ the cold wind and random bouts of rain (the weather was not cooperating). So in the next few posts we will catch you up on all the places we visited before the rainy beach week.

Rocket Burger and Fries

Like with Lindt Cafe, we came to Rocket to take advantage of an online voucher, because what student doesn’t like vouchers? The voucher was a Scoopon for any burger + soft drink or water for $6, which we think was a pretty good deal. We also took the opportunity to try the fries because we wanted to know how they compare with other places (i.e. Lord of the Fries).

beef burger

‘The Big-Bang’ Burger – beef, cheese, bacon, onion, pineapple, pickles, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, mayo, ketchup and mustard ($10)

Wendy ~ This was the first burger I’d had in a while. I was a bit hesitant to order it because I was worried that it would be overly greasy, but it wasn’t like that at all. I could taste the different flavours in the burger and they all complemented the beef patty. I did have a hard time eating it because the pineapple, beetroot and 3 sauces (tomato, mustard and mayo) were a messy combination, but that’s what you’d expect from a burger with lots of fillings. In the end it was very enjoyable, but I’ll be sure to bring some wet wipes next time to deal with the aftermath.

chicken burger

Chicken Burger – crumbed tenderloins, cheese, tomato, red onion, guacamole and Rocket Special Sauce ($9)

The chicken burger tasted good too and it had less fillings, which made it easier to eat. It would be a good option for people who don’t eat beef or red meat.


‘Loaded Fries’ with French Canadian gravy sauce and mozzarella ($7)

Ani ~ Too. Salty. I’ve eaten a lot of fries in my 20 years. In fact, there was a point in my early childhood when I was such a fussy eater, fries were one of the few foods I was willing to eat. There really aren’t many requirements for a good chip; freshly fried, a nice crunch and the right amount of seasoning. I want my fries to taste like potato with salt, not salt with potato. In Rocket’s loaded fries, the salt in the chips combined with the salt in the gravy and the salt in the cheese to leave my taste buds in a salt coma.

Verdict: The burgers are good, but beware of salty fries.

Location: Corner of Flinders St and Elizabeth St in Melbourne’s CBD. Their Facebook page is here.

Rocket Burger & Fries on Urbanspoon

2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso Bar

We visited 2Pocket at the recommendation of a friend who loves their soy chai latte. They specialise in fairtrade Signature Blend coffee, as well as tea, hot chocolates, and other beverages. They also sell baked goods, fairtrade chocolates and a selection of gifts which line the walls of the espresso bar.

chai - untouched

chai - poured

Soy chai latte

Our opinions on the soy chai latte differred…

Wendy ~ I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been to one too many cafes that serve chai, but this particular cup seemed bland. The spices did come through, but I would have liked a stronger tea flavour. The chai was served in its special pot with a strainer, but there were not a lot of tea leaves, which may have been the reason for the lack of tea flavour.

Ani ~ I thought this was a good chai latte, and I finished it quite quickly. There was a good amount of spice flavour and not too much tea flavour, which was good because I dont like it when chai lattes taste too strongly of black tea (such as at Chez Dre). Also, 2Pocket’s chai had just the right amount of sweetness. They don’t charge extra for soy (Bonsoy); the price stayed at $4.



This cappuccino was a good quality coffee and had pretty latte art on top, which is always a plus.

drinks on table

Verdict: A nice little place to catch up with friends and have some good coffee/chai. Bonus points for being fairtrade.

Location: 277 Little Lonsdale St (near the entrance to Melbourne Central). Their website is here.

2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

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