Gânache Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago we were looking for somewhere to eat dessert and we found ourselves in the Gânache Chocolate lounge on Collins St. Gânache has an assortment of sweet things on their menu, including cake, macarons, drinks… and of course, chocolate! We ended up getting all four of these things for a bit of variety.



Gânache chocolates, $2 each.

The chocolates we tried at Gânache included a milk chocolate snowman filled with ganache, a salted caramel dome and a milk chocolate coated paillete feuilletine with hazelnut praline. The paillete feuilletine was the best one, with a delicious hazelnut flavour and a delicate crunchiness. The other two chocolates were good, but nothing special. Continue reading


Sweets and a scone at Alice Nivens bakery

Yesterday we visited the Alice Nivens bakery in the Port Phillip Arcade on Flinders Street. It is situated towards the back of the arcade and has a “sweets” sign hanging out front. It’s a cute little shop with only a few tables, and the desserts are very pretty and delicious.

alice nivens - display 3

They have a display cabinet with a selection of slices, brownies, cupcakes, cake slices, scones, and a couple of savoury items. There is also a breakfast menu and a lunch menu with toasted sandwiches.

Chocolate & rose cupcake

Chocolate & rose cupcake

Ani ~ I’m not always a fan of cupcakes, but this cupcake won me over Continue reading