Brunch at Squisito Bar in QV

Sometimes when we go out to eat, we don’t have a plan for where to go so we just walk around aimlessly. Squisito Bar is one of those places that you’re likely to come across when you’re wandering around the city, because of its convenient location in the QV precinct. Despite being called a “bar” it’s actually only open ’til late on Saturdays; on weekdays it’s a brunch cafe, with the breakfast/brunch menu available from 7am-2:30pm and the lunch menu from 11am-2:30pm.

The service we received at Squisito was mixed; the waitress who served us wasn’t warm/friendly, but she was polite. In contrast the woman who helped us at the cash register was very friendly. The menu had many dishes to choose from including some pretty tasty sounding lunch options, but we ended up ordering from the brunch menu because we are brunch addicts.

fresh juice

‘Big V’ fresh juice – orange, apple, pineapple and carrot ($6.5)

Ani ~ This fresh fruit and veg juice was a great morning pick-me-up. With the strong flavours of orange and pineapple in there, I couldn’t even taste the carrot. The price was comparable to a Boost Juice, but with a slightly smaller size.

chai latte

‘9 Spice Fresh Chai’ ($4.5)

Wendy ~ When my chai arrived, I was pleased with it being presented in a milk jug, but was surprised that it didn’t come with a strainer. In terms of the taste it wasn’t a bad chai, but next time I’d probably try something else.

corn fritters

Corn Fritters – with bacon*, poached eggs, chilli jam, avocado smash & rocket ($16.5)
[*replaced with salmon on request ]

Wendy ~ I was taken aback by the size of the dish when it arrived at our table… probably 1.5 times the size of portions at other cafes! The meal was satisfying in the sense that it filled me up pretty quickly, but it lacked any special flavours and didn’t really excite my tastebuds.

Ani ~ Fun Fact: Wendy substituted the bacon with salmon because she doesn’t like bacon. 😦

big breakfast

Big Breakie – Eggs, bacon, Italian sausage, roasted tomato, fresh spinach, mushrooms and sourdough toast ($17)

Ani ~ This big breakfast was a good size and had all the components that you’d expect. The poached eggs, tomatoes and spinach were okay, but the “sourdough” tasted like basic toasted white bread and only some of the bacon pieces were crispy – the ones that weren’t crispy were hard to cut because of the fat. The sausages were a bit spicy, which I wasn’t expecting. The only part that I thought was really tasty was the mushrooms, which were nice and juicy. Overall, it was pretty average as far as big breakfasts go.


In terms of decor, this photo shows the main decorations that have been used. The decorations on the walls are sparse and the walls are white; overall the restaurant has a no-fuss look to it.

Verdict: Squisito Bar is a place for a filling feed at a reasonable price, but it lacks the interesting flavours and trendy atmosphere of the cafe culture that Melbourne is famous for. It’s the kind of place that people working in the city go to during their lunch break when they’re looking for a quick and affordable meal with their colleagues.

Location: 24 Artemis Lane, QV. Open 7am-3:30pm weekdays (with kitchen closing at 2:30pm) and 9:30am-3am Saturdays. They have a website and are on Facebook.

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  1. Nice review. Those ckrn fritters kind of look flat in regards to, it doesn’t look appetising as much but that Big V juice looks fresh and sounds delicious 😀

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