$8 Beef Burger Tuesdays at Gloria Swanston’s Kitchen

Normally Gloria Swanston’s ‘Kickass’ beef burgers are $16.50, but every Tuesday from 12-3pm you can get them for only $8! They are basic, no-fuss burgers – white bread, meat, bacon, veggies & cheese. The burgers are a good size and they come with a generous side of crinkle cut chips, so you wont leave feeling hungry.

beef burgers and fries

kickass beef burger

Kickass Beef Burger – 200g beef, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion, bacon and cheese.

This burger was pretty tasty and filling. We were both super hungry when we arrived for lunch, so that just made our burgers taste even better. The chips were also decent. We’d definitely come back on future Tuesdays to buy it again for $8, but we wouldn’t pay $16.50 for it. It didn’t have anything special to distinguish it from other beef burgers, so we just don’t feel that the $16+ price is justified. If you’re going to spend that much on a burger there are many other options to choose from; e.g. for a few dollars more you could get the burger that we reviewed at Seven Seeds. The Seven Seeds burger was very saucy and had 2 patties in a brioche bun, whereas the Gloria Swanston burger was on the dry side and had 1 patty in white bread.

the lounge

The Lounge

The kickass burger and chips were served in little baskets that suited the relaxed atmosphere of the Lounge bar, where Gloria Swanston’s Kitchen is located. It appeared that most of the other customers were also there to get an $8 burger, so it seems to be a popular deal!

Verdict: Thumbs up to the $8 Tuesday special, but not worth paying full price.

Location: 243 Swanston St, up the stairs. They have a Facebook page and website.

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