Korean – Oriental Spoon (La Trobe St)

Sometimes it can be hard to pick a place to eat when you’re with a largish group of friends, but Oriental Spoon has plenty of tables and so it’s safe choice for lunch or dinner. It has good portions, reasonable prices (not cheap but not expensive either) and decent food. It’s by no means the best Korean food in Melbourne, but it’s still quite enjoyable.

Since we were here with a group we’ve forgotten some of the details of what everyone ordered, so we’ve given you approximate prices for each dish. No guarantees on the accuracy there. BUT, we do have all of the photos, and that’s always the most exciting part anyway. 😛


Empty because it was 10 minutes before they opened at noon.

pork bibimbap

Pork Bibimbap – rice, veggies, egg and pork in a hot stone bowl, ~$10-11 for lunch

The bibimbaps were piping hot when they were set down in front of us. We immediately added soy sauce, then stirred the top part but left the rice at the very bottom untouched to allow the rice and soy sauce to caramelise against the hot stone. That crunchy rice layer at the bottom of the bowl was probably the best part, but the pork also had a nice flavour and the veggies made the meal feel fresh and healthy.

tofu bibimbap

Tofu bibimbap – rice, vegies, egg and tofu in a hot stone bowl, ~$10-11 for lunch

The tofu bibimbap was basically the same as the pork, but with tofu instead of the meat. It was ordered with a small bowl of miso soup on the side. Arguably this one had a bit less flavour due to the lack of meat, but it’s a good vegetarian option.


Dokbokki – rice cakes, fish cakes & ramen noodle with vegetables, fried dumplings and boiled egg, all glazed in hot chilli paste, ~$17 (share plate)

This was a big plate, and even though it was shared there was still some left over at the end. So it was good, but not good enough to squeeze in those last few mouthfuls.

spicy seafood udon

Spicy seafood udon – udon noodles in spicy soup with squid, prawns, mussels, baby octopus, clams & veggies, ~$17

This soup had a variety of seafoods in it. Overall it was an enjoyable dish, but it took a few moments to figure out how to de-shell the prawn while it was sitting in soup.

cheese bul dak

Cheese Bul Dak – chicken fillets, onions, spring onion, chopped chillies and spicy chilli paste, topped with mozzarella, ~$29 (share dish)

This dish was very spicy, but the chicken and cheese combination is always a good idea. There was some of this dish left over at the end too.

bulgogi gratin

Hot stone bowl with potato, beef, mozzarella cheese and some veggies, ~$12 (possibly called Bulgogi Gratin but we can’t remember the name exactly)

This dish had an interesting combination of cheese, meat, some veggies and potato mash instead of rice. After approaching this dish with some doubts, it turned out better than expected.

Verdict: Decent food, okay prices (cheaper for lunch), space for larger groups, filling portion sizes. We would eat here again.

Location: 254 La Trobe St, across from Melbourne Central. They don’t seem to be active on social media as far as we can tell, but they are on FB here and this seems to be their website.

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