Seven Seeds – Brunch near Unimelb

With limited time to grab brunch before class, we found ourselves visiting Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee near Unimelb. When we arrived just after noon the place was packed, so we had to wait about 10 minutes or so for a table. Not a problem, we just grabbed a menu and started deciding what to order! It always takes us ages to order, no matter where we go, because we see all the options on the menu and think… “I want to eat ALL the things!” First world problems.

hot choc and chai

Chai latte ($4) and Mörk hot chocolate served with a piece of Whittaker’s chocolate ($4.50)

Obviously it makes sense to go to “Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee” and order a coffee, but you’ve probably noticed we’re not big coffee drinkers by the large amount of chai lattes and hot chocolates we drink. Quite a few brunch places serve Mörk hot chocolate like Seven Seeds does, and it always tastes good, but the added piece of dark chocolate melting into the drink made it extra tasty. Bonus points for latte art. The chai latte was made with a powered mix, but not the sugary, artificial kind that you’d get at the supermarket. It was a good infusion of spices but the pure tea mixes are preferable.

smoked salmon poached eggs

House smoked salmon on dark rye, poached eggs and minted smashed peas with horseradish cream cheese and a green salad ($18)

Wendy ~ This dish came out with immaculate presentation. It tasted exactly like it should, with the flavours of salmon, poached eggs and toast, but there wasn’t anything that made it stand out from similar dishes at other cafes. Nonetheless it was decent; nothing to complain about.

double wagyu patty burger

Double Wagyu patty burger with ‘Seven Seeds special sauce’ on a brioche bun, with bacon, lettuce, tomato & cheese ($18 +$2 for bacon)

Ani ~ This burger was deliciously saucy. I’m not sure what they put into their ‘special sauce,’ but it was very tasty! That sauce + the brioche, bacon and wagyu patties made this burger very satisfying. The side of French fries was nothing special, but good for mopping up excess sauce off the plate. I think that $18 (+$2 for bacon!) is too pricey for a burger, but if you think of it as being “brunch” food then it’s a more average price.

roasted mushrooms poached eggs

Roasted mushrooms and poached eggs on ciabatta with rocket, pesto and parmesan ($18.50)

Our friend had the roasted mushrooms with poached eggs. She was very hungry when we arrived and was hoping for a bigger portion size than this, so she was still a bit hungry after she finished her food. Also, while the flavours in the pesto were good, the dish had a little too much salt. The saltiness was probably just a mistake, so we’re not sure if other people will have that problem. Verdict: Two dishes were good, one was disappointing. Going by the other food we’ve had here in the past, we’d say the food is generally decent. The location is convenient for students, and there are cheaper options on the menu than the ones we ordered. It’s not a brunch favourite for us, but it’s a place we would visit again in between classes. Location: 114 Berkeley St (they have two entrances). Here is their website and Facebook page. Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon *** PS: We recently heard about the Foodspotting app. It lets you look at a map and view pictures of nearby dishes! It has been around for a few years but we’d never heard of it before, probably because Urbanspoon is everyone’s go-to for food reviews. Ani decided to make a Foodspotting account just for a bit of fun; let us know if you use it and she’ll follow you. 🙂 *** facebook48 pinterest48 instagram urbanspoon48 foodspotting

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