Korean Food at Oppa Kitchen

Oppa Kitchen is a relatively new addition to the many restaurants lining Swanston Street. The bright, modern decor of the restaurant is visible through the big glass windows, and the pink neon “Oppa” sign attracts the attention of passers-by. The menu on the window advertises Korean meals for lunch/dinner at an affordable price ($10 for a cold bi bim bap). When we visited Oppa for lunch, we found the food to be well-portioned and although it didn’t ‘wow’ us, we left the restaurant feeling satisfied.

collage of food and outside of restaurantdecor

tofu and mushroom bi bim bap

Organic tofu and mushroom bi bim bap ($12 on a hot stone) (V, GF)

Wendy ~ I ordered the tofu bi bim bap and decided to pay the extra $2 for it to be served in a hot stone. The stone bowl was presented in a wooden holder, which was very cute and not something I’d seen before. The food wasn’t really a stand out, tasting much like other bi bim baps that I’ve had at other Korean restaurants, but it was enjoyable and quite decent for the price.

pork belly bulgogi

Grilled pork belly bulgogi with Korean marinated BBQ soy sauce ($12)

Ani ~ The BBQ sauce was tasty and the pork belly had a nice crispy texture on the outside, though it was just a tad chewier than I would’ve liked. Overall I was happy with the meat. The salad had a delicious citrus dressing and tasted fresh. The citrus dressing flavour stood out more than the BBQ sauce flavour, which is probably not how it should be, but I still enjoyed the dish since I really liked the salad dressing.


Verdict: The food is not amazing but it is decent food and well priced. This is a good option for cheap Korean food in the CBD. If you’re just looking for cheap Asian food, Don Don is nearby and is even cheaper.

Location: 271 Swanston Street, Melbourne. They have a website and a Facebook page. Oppa Kitchen is linked to the Seoul Soul restaurant group.

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