Gânache Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago we were looking for somewhere to eat dessert and we found ourselves in the Gânache Chocolate lounge on Collins St. Gânache has an assortment of sweet things on their menu, including cake, macarons, drinks… and of course, chocolate! We ended up getting all four of these things for a bit of variety.



Gânache chocolates, $2 each.

The chocolates we tried at Gânache included a milk chocolate snowman filled with ganache, a salted caramel dome and a milk chocolate coated paillete feuilletine with hazelnut praline. The paillete feuilletine was the best one, with a delicious hazelnut flavour and a delicate crunchiness. The other two chocolates were good, but nothing special.


Raspberry and salted caramel macarons, $2.60 each

These macarons had a good soft texture, and the meringue shells had delicious raspberry and caramel flavours. They both had the same chocolate ganache filling, which is understandable because the store is called Gânache, but personally we prefer it when the filling matches the flavour of the macaron. Nevertheless the macarons were still enjoyable with the chocolate filling.

raspberry frappe

Raspberry frappe $6.90

This frappe essentially tasted like very soft raspberry sorbet. It was a very refreshing drink, and certainly not as heavy as something like an iced chocolate.


Brownie mousse $8.60

This cake had a rich chocolatey flavour and would be a great choice for chocolate lovers.

Verdict: Overall this is a pretty good chocolate cafe. If you don’t want to spend $2 per chocolate on the individual pralines, only to realise that you don’t like some of the flavours, then we’d recommend buying some of the chocolates in the gift section. For example, the chocolate covered nuts are very tasty.

Location: 245 Collins St, Melbourne. They have another chocolate lounge on Toorak Rd, South Yarra. Their website is here.

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