Madame Squint – rice burgers and bao burgers

Today we had lunch at Madame Squint, where you can get rice burgers (sushi burgers), Chinese burgers (bao burgers) as well as Asian salads and noodle soups. Rice burgers are a nice idea if you want to eat normal rice dishes with your hands, but we found that things can get pretty messy and you may be better off using some utensils anyway. The same goes for the bao burgers.

rice burger eating instructions

Each table has these cute instructions for eating the rice burgers. We had to unwrap the burgers for the photos, but we did wrap them back up before we started eating!

soft shell crab rice burger

Soft shell crab rice burger with spicy mayo $7.75

Wendy ~ To be honest I thought that the taste of the rice burger was no different to a normal rice dish, except that it required no utensils and became very messy for me to eat. Halfway through, the rice patty started to break apart and the sauce went everywhere. I’m not sure if I picked a filling that was particularly messy to eat, or if I’m just bad at eating rice burgers. While I think these burgers are a good concept, personally I’d rather eat sushi rolls which are much cheaper.

croquette rice burger

Croquette rice burger (vegetarian) $6.75

Ani ~ I enjoyed this burger but thought it was a little lacking in flavour. The croquette had been freshly fried so it was nice and hot, and it was accompanied by some mustard, but these flavours were somewhat masked by the large amount of rice. I think that with a little less rice, this burger would taste a lot better.

sweet chilli tofu bao burger

Thai sweet chilli tofu Chinese burger (vegan) $6.80

Ani ~ There was a lot of sweet chilly sauce. Since the tofu and the bun both have more bland flavours, the only things I tasted were sweet chilly sauce and the strong flavour of coriander. The tofu had a thin crunchy layer on the outside, however on the inside the tofu was really soft, so when I ate the burger I only noticed chewy texture of the bun. The bun started to fall apart and I ended up with sweet chilly sauce all over my hands.

I think that the bao buns are much better suited to meat fillings, and that the sweet chilly tofu would taste better in a rice burger.


Verdict: The sushi burger or ‘rice burger’ is a good concept, but I we don’t see ourselves visiting often. For the price of one rice burger you could buy three sushi rolls, which are easier to eat. Similarly, normal bao are much easier to eat than bao burgers.

Location: 353 Little Collins Street. No website, but they do have a Facebook page.

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