Brunch at Operator25

Operator25 is just a couple of blocks away from Melbourne Central, in a quiet street off La Trobe Street. They serve mostly brunch food, as well as a few lunch items which cost more. We stuck to the brunch menu but a few people near us ordered the pulled pork burger, and it looked tasty enough that it might be worth the $20 price.


Operator25 has been open for about a year and a half so it’s a relatively new café. The decor is modern and the service is quite friendly.

house benedict

House Benedict – potato rosti, grandmother ham, poached eggs, mustard and tarragon hollandaise ($16)

Ani ~ The House Benedict looked a bit small when it arrived on the big plate, but it ended up being more filling than it looked. Between the ham, mustard and hollandaise, there was plenty of flavour in the dish, and the poached eggs balanced out the saltiness of the potato rosti (which were essentially just hash browns). It was a very tasty dish and a good version of eggs benedict.

salmon piadina

Piadina with smoked salmon, broccolini, cream cheese, dill, capers, shallots and herb oil + side salad ($17)

Wendy ~ I chose the piadina with one of my favourite proteins – salmon! This piadina was much better than the prosciutto one I had last week at D.O.C. Espresso. The smooth salmon worked really well with the broccolini, which provided a good crunchy texture. The two were brought together with a mix of cream cheese and herb oil, and were complemented by the flavours of the other ingredients. To finish it off, there was a side salad which didn’t have a special dressing, but gave a certain ‘fresh’ feel to the dish..

hot cakes

pouring syrup on hotcakes

Dutch chocolate hot cakes, poached pear, vanilla mascarpone, milk crumbs & maple syrup ($16)

The hotcakes looked very pretty and our friend said they tasted quite nice. However, the texture was not as good as some of the other hotcakes that she had tried, which were softer. Overall, they were pretty good hotcakes… just not the best.


Phoenix organic mixed juice – apple, peach & raspberry ($4.50)

The juice was nice and refreshing on a hot day. Bonus points for the chilled glass.

Verdict: This place has good food and normal brunch prices. On top the that, the presentation of the food was great and the overall feel of the cafe was very cozy. We’re keen to try the lunch options next time.

Location: 25 Wills St, Melbourne CBD. Their website is here. They’re open daily until 4pm.

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