Italian food at D.O.C Espresso, Lygon Street

D.O.C. Espresso is part of the D.O.C. group, which has restaurants in a number of locations. Because it is a bit more commercialised it doesn’t have the same atmosphere as some of the more “family-owned” style restaurants on Lygon Street, so we probably wouldn’t come here for dinner. However, are also open for breakfast, lunch every day. They have a range of options on their menu including breakfast dishes, focaccias, piadine, pasta, salads and snacks.

DOC sign

Ani ~ I ordered the traditional lasagne with meat sauce and bechamel. When the dish arrived I was so excited (because I love lasagne) that I forgot to take a photo of it for the blog! But it doesn’t matter too much since it just looked like normal lasagne. It was pretty tasty, with a good balance between meat and bechamel, but it wasn’t amazing enough for me to justify the $18 price. You can easily find lasagne of a similar quality at a much lower price elsewhere (i.e. not on Lygon St).


Spaghetti al pomodoro – san marzano tomato & fresh basil ($16)

Our friend said that this spaghetti tasted a bit average, and that her mum makes it better.

piadina san daniele

Piadina Dan Daniele – prosciutto, hand torn buffalo mozzarella & rocket ($14.90)

Wendy ~ After seeing the extremely appetising display focaccias and piadine, I decided to order the Dan Daniele piadina as D.O.C specialises in prosciutto. The dish essentially turned out to be a big gourmet ham and cheese quesadilla-esque wrap. It was a bit too salty for my palate and left me feeling disappointed.

piadina taleggio dop

Piadina Taleggio DOP – taleggio cheese, porcini mushroom & thyme ($14.90)

The other piadina was similar to the first but with mushrooms as the main feature, so the flavours weren’t as strong.

Verdict: The food was ok, but nothing special. The prices are pretty normal for Lygon Street.

Location: 326 Lygon St, Carlton. Their website is here.

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