Le Miel Et La Lune

Le Miel Et La Lune is just a few minutes walk from the University of Melbourne. We came here for lunch in a group of five, and while the café was reasonably busy they were still able to get us a table straight away. When we placed our orders, they were happy to make alterations to one of the dishes for us (a plus for people with dietary requirements). We ended up ordering the sweet corn fritter, crispy tofu salad, crispy free range chicken, house cured salmon gravlax and the pork belly potato hash.

all the food on the table

ceiling lighs

For drinks we ordered the honey, lemon and ginger tea and the chai latte. The ginger tea was good but the chai tasted quite milky, and needed more chai flavour. We’re told that the soy chai tastes much better.

chai latte

House brewed Hummingbird chai latte ($4.50)

honey lemon ginger tea

House made honey, lemon and ginger ($4.50)

When the dishes arrived, we were impressed with how visually appealing they all were! They looked so tasty that our friends were impatient for us to finish taking the photos so that they could start eating…

corn fritter

Sweet corn fritter – served with bacon, crushed avocado, red onion, coriander, chilli, sour cream tomato relish ($18.50)

Ani ~ Overall this dish was very satisfying. The corn fritter was a bit oily but that is to be expected from fried food, and the bacon was good quality (not just fat). The tomato relish, onion, avocado and sour cream was a great combination of flavours… probably because it’s basically the toppings for nachos!.

tofu salad

Crispy tofu salad – crispy shitake mushroom & tofu balls served with pickled daikan salad, sautéed kale, almonds and chia seeds ($17.90, GF, V)

Wendy ~ This dish looked very good, but once I dug into my meal, it felt like I was just eating a bowl of kale. The kale had dressing but I couldn’t really taste it, which definitely brought out the ‘rawness’ of the kale. I was expecting a variety of vegetables in the salad, but instead they incorporated the vegetables into the tofu balls. The tofu balls were the best part of the dish –  nice and crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside.

crispy chicken

Crispy free range chicken – served with walnut pesto, avocado & Dijon mustard with pomegranate ($18.90)

Our friend who ordered the chicken dish found it to be very filling. It had two generously sized pieces of chicken and some nice flavours.

cured salmon gravlax

House cured salmon gravlax – served with yuzu cucumber salad, spanish onion, poached egg and flaxseed & chia seed bread ($19.90, GF)

The friend who ordered this dish enjoyed the salmon, but was not a big fan of the bread (she doesnt normally eat seeded bread). The salad had a lot of dressing so there was a pool of liquid at the bottom of the plate, but the flavour of the dressing was good.

potato hash and mushrooms

Pork belly potato hash (without the pork belly) – potato hash, enoki, shimeji mushroomm capsicum & a poached egg with creamy sesame sauce ($17.90)

Our friend ordered the potato hash without the pork belly (she doesn’t eat pork), and the waiter took her order and later presented her with the customised dish without any problems. We appreciated this because some cafés don’t like to make alterations to their dishes. The dish was still very tasty even without the pork.


Muffin with raspberry, pistachios and chocolate ($3.80)

This muffin had a nice texture and taste, and it was a good size (not too big).

Verdict: La Miel et La Lune has some great brunch/lunch options and is a nice place to catch up with friends. Although it is close to Melbourne Uni it’s not an everyday student lunch kind of place, with prices around the $18 mark.

Location: 330 Cardigan Street, Carlton (on the corner). They don’t appear to have a working website at the moment, but their facebook page is here.

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