Tacos and Nachos at Paco’s Tacos

Enticed by the promise of $6 tacos, we found ourselves having lunch at Paco’s Tacos on Bourke Street, a restaurant created by the MoVida group. This little Mexican eatery has six different tacos on the menu, as well as a handful of other options. The garden-style outdoor sitting area has brightly coloured decor, and a net of leaves overhead shields patrons from the view of skyscrapers, leading to a relaxed vibe.

pacos tacos

Initially the three of us ordered five different tacos to share, but this turned out not to be enough food for us, so we ended up sharing a regular bowl of nachos as well.

pacos tacos - menu

pacos tacos - 5 tacos

pacos tacos - nachos 1

Some of the tacos were good, but some were pretty average. The nachos were okay but not quite as tasty as we had been expecting, because we prefer cheesier nachos.

Pollo, calamares and pescado tacos

Pollo (chicken), calamares (calamari) and pescado (fish) tacos

The calamari taco was probably the best one out of the 5 tacos we tried. The fish taco was nice too, but the chicken taco was disappointing because the chicken was too dry and needed more sauce.

Cerdo and veduras tacos

Cerdo (pork) and veduras (veggie) tacos

The pulled pork in the pork taco had a good flavour so the taco was quite tasty, but it had the same problem as the chicken taco in that the meat was too dry. The beans in the veggie taco were not as flavoursome as the meat, but they had a bit of a spicy taste.


Nachos (regular)

The regular nachos were $15 and were a good size. They were made with brown corn chips (not the yellow supermarket variety) and the salsas tasted fresh. However we weren’t really satisfied with the flavour because the only cheese it had was just a sprinkling of queso greco.

Verdict: While $6 tacos sounds like a cheap lunch, you’d probably need to eat three of them to feel full. The food is reasonable but we probably wouldn’t pick this place if we are craving tacos in future.

Location: Level 1, 500 Bourke Street (turn into little Williams street and walk up the stairs). Their website is here.

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