Sweets and a scone at Alice Nivens bakery

Yesterday we visited the Alice Nivens bakery in the Port Phillip Arcade on Flinders Street. It is situated towards the back of the arcade and has a “sweets” sign hanging out front. It’s a cute little shop with only a few tables, and the desserts are very pretty and delicious.

alice nivens - display 3

They have a display cabinet with a selection of slices, brownies, cupcakes, cake slices, scones, and a couple of savoury items. There is also a breakfast menu and a lunch menu with toasted sandwiches.

Chocolate & rose cupcake

Chocolate & rose cupcake

Ani ~ I’m not always a fan of cupcakes, but this cupcake won me over because it tasted just as good as it looked. I was happy that the cupcake actually had a real chocolate flavour, because I find that a lot of “chocolate” cupcakes rely on chocolate icing for most of the flavour. This chocolate cupcake was complimented by rose icing which had a lovely rose flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. The soft and creamy texture of the icing was a perfect match for the soft, moist and slightly crumbly chocolate cupcake.

Cheese & chive scone with herbed butter

Cheese & chive scone with herbed butter

Ani ~ This scone was heated before being served so that it was warm, with a really soft and light texture. It had a delicate cheese and chive taste which was completed by the herbed butter, for the perfect amount of flavour.

Mörk hot chocolate

Mörk hot chocolate

Wendy ~ The hot chocolate was made with Mörk chocolate, which is my absolute favourite specialty hot chocolate blend, so there was nothing that could really have gone wrong with it! As well as the hot chocolate I was lucky enough to steal a bit of Ani’s scone and cupcake. The scone was unbelievable fluffy! It fit extremely well with the butter and none of the herbs were overpowering, so I still felt like I was eating a scone and not herb bread. The cupcake was absolutely amazing!!! It had the perfect level of sweetness, so I felt like I would be able to eat a large one without feeling sick.

Honeycomb & strawberry jam brownie and Lemon & coconut slice

Honeycomb & strawberry jam brownie and lemon & coconut slice

We each also bought something to take away! They were put into containers with cute stickers on top.

Wendy ~ Following the advice of the waitress, I heated up my brownie for a jiffy in the microwave until it started to become soft but not melted. After the first bite I thought I could taste the tartness of a berry after-taste, but by the end I wasn’t really sure because it all just tasted like chocolate. There were honeycomb pieces sitting on top of the brownie but there were none mixed into it, which is probably a good thing because otherwise it would have been too sweet. I thought it was very rich, but that could possibly have been because I heated it up before I ate it. I have tried Alice’s original brownie and I have to say that I prefer that one, as for me this one had a bit too much going on.

Ani ~ The lemon and coconut slice was amazing! The perfect combination of lemon and coconut! I actually bought the lemon & coconut slice with the intention of taking it home to my dad (this did not happen). It looked really nice so I opened the container to find out what it smelled like (1st mistake). It smelled really good, so I cut off a little piece to taste it (2nd mistake). Next minute: nothing left.

Verdict: We both definitely recommend this place to satisfy your sugar cravings. At around $5 for each item in the display, we’d say the prices are pretty good.

Location: Shop 13 Port Phillip Arcade, 228 Flinders St Melbourne. Open weekdays, 7:30am-4:00pm. Website is here.

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