Dumplings at Shanghai Street Dumplings, Wontons and Noodle (La Trobe St)

This dumpling restaurant has a wide selection of steamed/boiled/fried dumplings and also some noodle dishes. We brought a couple of friends with us to have lunch here, so we decided to order four dumpling dishes to share: steamed and fried pork xiao long bao, boiled vegetable dumplings and boiled chicken and prawn dumplings. The servings were very filling so we all left feeling satisfied, and the total bill added up to only $34 between the four of us, so it was a very affordable!

Steamed pork xiao long bao

Steamed pork xiao long bao

Wendy ~ I was really looking forward to trying the steamed xiao long bao as well as its fried counterpart, but my experience didn’t turn out to be too good. Both of these dumplings were too salty for me, especially since I only had them with chilli oil and not soy sauce. The pork filling in the fried dumpling had a more pleasant flavour than the steamed version.

Fried pork xiao long bao

Fried pork xiao long bao

Ani ~ I agreed with Wendy’s opinion that the steamed xiao long bao were a bit too salty, and I didn’t really enjoy the flavour of the “soup” in them. However, I really liked the fried xiao long bao. The soup in these dumplings was quite tasty and the spring onions on top added some nice extra flavour. The pork filling also tasted quite good. My only criticism would be that the skin was quite chewy, probably due to it being a bit thick and also fried.

Boiled vegetable dumplings

Boiled vegetable dumplings

Wendy ~ The vegetarian dumpling had a very strong ‘green’ vegetable flavour hit to it on my very first bite, but they did grow on me and I ended up enjoying them. I especially liked the crunchy texture of the cabbage inside the filling.

Ani ~ I enjoyed the vegetable dumplings but found that they lacked the strength in flavour that the meat dumplings had. However this is pretty normal for vegetable dumplings.

Boiled chicken and prawn dumplings

Boiled chicken and prawn dumplings

Wendy ~ My favourite dumpling would have to be the chicken and prawn kind. I thought that there was a good balance in flavours between the chicken and prawn, and neither one overpowered the other. Although I couldn’t see whole pieces of prawn inside the filling (which I was kind of hoping to see), it was probably minced in with the chicken as I could definitely taste it. Another reason that I liked this particular flavour, is that it went well with the chilli oil (unlike the vegetarian dumpling).

Verdict: This is a good cheap option for a quick lunch. They have some good dumpling dishes and are not as crowded as some other dumpling places.

Location: 64 La Trobe Street Melbourne.

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