Lunch last week at Animal Orchestra

Last week we went to Animal Orchestra on Grattan Street. When we arrived around 1pm the place was packed, but they managed to squeeze us onto a table with some other customers. We’ve been there before, and I remembered that they make really bad chai lattes, but this didn’t stop Wendy from ordering one anyway. Sure enough it was really watery and grainy at the bottom… 2/10 at best. Luckily the other things we ordered (hot chocolate and baked eggs) tasted much better.

The chai latte. Not good.

The chai latte. Not good.

Baked egg with bacon and mushrooms

Baked egg with bacon and mushrooms

The baked egg dish was a bit too cheesy, but still very tasty and satisfying.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

The hot chocolates were okay… not great, but nowhere near as disappointing as the chai latte.

Verdict: The food was reasonable and the location is very convenient for students. It’s not the best food in the area but we’d go back again in future for a quick lunch or drink.

Location: 163 Little Grattan St, Carlton

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